Thur., Dec. 6th - Healing Sounds of Christmas @ Florian Garden

Fri., Dec. 14th - 1pm Potato Peeling

Sat., Dec. 15th - Lefse Making (9am-Noon; Noon-3pm)
8:30am-Noon Children's Program Practice

Sun., Dec. 16th - 8am Children's Program Practice for EVERYONE
10am Children's Christmas Program & Worship;
11am Bake/Craft Sale

Wed., Dec. 26th - Noon-6pm American Red Cross Blood Drive


10 Ways to Celebrate Advent (shared and altered a bit, from writer Holly Sheer at:

1. Attend church worship during the Advent season.
2. Add Some Sacred Music to Your Life, this could be traditional, contemporary, or anything in between.
3. Read stories from the Bible that focus on what happened before and at the time of Jesus' birth. (Check out the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew and Luke)
4. Set Up a Nativity Scene, and if you don't have one why not make one! Use picture books, coloring pages, or figures you make out of creative.
5. Enjoy Special Holiday many delicious ways to celebrate!
6. Remember Your Neighbors..maybe make something (cards, cookies, a meal) for a neighbor
7. Encourage Thankfulness...this could be just as simple as taking a moment at meal time or bed time to share what you are thankful for; or donate something to an organization (your time, toys, etc.),
8. Connect to History...learn something about the traditions of Advent or Christmas; share memories of past celebrations
9. Wait to Start Christmas...this is a tough one, because it's easy to want to rush into getting the house ready all at once. Maybe do this in stages.
10. Be Patient...give yourself a break and do NOT try and make your home and lives look like a Hallmark movie. This season is about Christ coming into the world, and after saving us from our sins, promising to come back again. Allow yourself and your family time to still...and enjoy the season.

Date Theme Readings
Dec. 2nd- Hope- Proverbs 24:1-5; 17-20; 1 Kings 8:22-30; 2nd Chronicles 9:22-27, 31b
Dec. 9th- Peace- 1st Kings 11 and 1st Kings 12 (various verses)
Dec. 16th- Joy- Christmas Program "Heaven and Nature Sings"
Dec. 23rd- Love- Psalm 78:1-8; Amos 5:21-27; Hosea 11:1-10
Dec. 24th- Christ/Light- Isaiah 9:2-7; Titus 2:11-14; Luke 2:1-20
Dec. 31st- Christmas- Lessons, Carols and Stories behind them

Advent Candle Lighting and Readers needed. Still needed are volunteers for Dec. 16th and 23rd (reader and candle lighter), as well as a candle lighter for the 10PM worship on Christmas Eve. Sign-up sheet and readings are on the big mobile bulletin board in the Gathering Area.

Sun., Dec. 24th Christmas Eve Service at 4pm AND 10pm The Christmas story, the hymns and candlelight...this is what Christmas is REALLY all about! Come and join in the celebration of our Savior's birth. We need a candle lighter for the 10PM worship!!!

Sun., Dec. 30th Service - Lessons, Carols, and the stories behind them 10am - A wonderful opportunity to hear the ancient prophecy of a promised Messiah, and then hear how the prophecy was fulfilled. There will be lots of carols to be sung as we celebrate the Christmas Season...and a bit of background on how some of these carols came to be. Sign-up in the Gathering Area to read one of the Bible passages.


Dec. 5th 3:20-4:30 Regular class time
Dec. 12th 3:20-4:30 Regular class time
Dec. 19th 3:20-5:00 Christmas Party at Trinity United Methodist Church (7th-12th Graders)
Dec. 26th NO CLASS
Jan. 2nd 3:20-4:30 Regular class time


RUBY'S PANTRY DISTRIBUTION on SATURDAY, Dec. 8th at 7am. We are in great need of volunteers for this ministry opportunity. Youth 12 or older can come WITH adult supervision and signed permission on volunteer form (Can be found at under Ruby's Pantry tab)

Yes, it's that time of year when we need to bundle up to protect ourselves and our little ones from the frosty elements. This means it's also an excellent time to go through your winter supplies and see if there are any gently used items to donate to others, or maybe purchase some new items that can be donated. Hat, Glove and Mitten Tree can be found in the Gathering Area, while coats and snow pants can be placed on the clothing rack downstairs for Food Pantry Guests.

AMERICAN RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE will be from 12-6pm on Wednesday, Dec. 26th.

Visit to sign up.

American Red Cross offers this advice before you donate:
* Eat plenty of iron-rich foods, including red meat, leafy greens, beans, poultry, raisins and iron-fortified cereals.
* Get a good night's rest
* Drink extra fluids - about 16 oz. of water or something else that's non-alcoholic.
* Avoid taking aspirin for two days before the donation.

The ELK MOUND COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY has received a tasty donation of hot chocolate from ConAgra for the cold season. This year ConAgra also donated hot chocolate and pudding to our Autumn Fest. It's always wonderful to see how businesses, big and small, support the food ministries for the Elk Mound community.

MISSION Our Savior's Lutheran Church (910 9th St E, Menomonie) Come and hear three community leaders share information about their organization/department and discuss what the issues/unmet needs are in our community...spurring discussion on what we as partnering churches might be involved in:

* Katherine Dutton (Director, Stepping Stones)
* Kris Korpela (Director, Dunn County Human Services)
* Stacy Plumer (School Social Worker, Menomonie School District)

Event is being held on Tuesday, December 11th at 5p. There is a request that we RSVP who will be attending from our church. Please let Pastor Mary know if you are attending. We could carpool.


Instead of Christmas Caroling this year, we are going to have a party with our friends at Trinity United Methodist Church Wednesday, December 19th, 3:20-5:00 at TRINITY UMC (Located on H/Holly just beyond the library) 7th - 12th Grade students can go to the church right after school, and the folks at Trinity will be serving us something hot to eat, and have games for us to play. Ok, there just may be some Christmas carols sang while we are snug and warm in the building!

POTATO PEELING Fri., Dec. 14th at 1pm & LEFSE MAKING Sat., Dec. 15th (9am-12; 12-3pm) Many helpers make for light come on out and help in preparing for this year's lefse sales. Sign-up sheet is in the Gathering Area, on the mobile bulletin board.


End-of-year giving to our General Operating Fund would be greatly appreciated, especially since expenses are currently exceeding income by about $3,600. Many thanks for your generous giving throughout the year.

If you have not yet turned in your Commitment Card for your 2019 giving, you can still do so. Either mail your card in or drop it in the offering plate marked as Commitment Card. These commitments give us a better idea of the amount of income we can anticipated throughout the coming year. ??MYTH BUSTER: These are NOT legal documents that require you to give a particular amount.

Independent State Bank General Operating Checking $10,668.44
Mortgage Balance $147,925.32

NOVEMBER GIVING: $8,093.01 Sunday Offering + $1,309 Simply Giving = $9,402.01
NEEDED to cover Budget: $11,580


JULY 8-19, 2020
Plan now to join Liz Bartsch as she hosts a 10 night journey to Germany and Austria where we will visit major Martin Luther sites, encounter the Dachau Concentration Camp and visit many historic castles and landmarks. One of the highlights will be the Passion Play in Oberammergau! First $300 deposit due: March 1, 2019, Elizabeth Bartsch, Northwest Synod, Assistant to the Bishop- 715-859-6810 or is the point-of-contact for this event.
For Brochure and Registration Form see:

Please let any member of our Nominating Committee know if you are interested in joining our Church Council. We meet once a month for about 60-90 minutes. You can talk to: Jennifer Kinblom, Marcus Kinblom, Barb Vadnais, Holly Sweeney and Sandy Barth


If you're tired of eating alone.
If you're tired of cooking for just two.
If you're just tired of cooking, or
If you want to meet your neighbors -
Come join us on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

2019 Schedule

Jan. 22nd- Trinity United Methodist Church
Feb. 26th- St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Mar. 26th- Shepherd of the Hill Lutheran Church
Apr. 23rd- Trinity United Methodist Church
May 28th- St. Joseph's Catholic Church
June 26th- Shepherd of the Hill Lutheran Church
July 23rd- Trinity United Methodist Church
Aug. 27th- St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Sept. 24th- Shepherd of the Hill Lutheran Church
Oct. 22nd- Trinity United Methodist Church
Nov. Thanksgiving - no supper
Dec. Christmas - no supper

A free-will offering is available. Proceeds go to the Elk Mound Food Pantry

Sunday, January 27th Congregational Annual Meeting & Potluck
Saturday, March 9th Walking Together at the UW-Davies Center
Saturday, March 9th Christ Jam (Middle School Youth Gathering) at the UW-Davies Center

Looking for a way to continue supporting God's Work? What about using ...Simply Giving, an electronic giving option for giving to the church. It allows you to designate the amount you'd like to give to God's ministry at Shepherd of the Hill, and how frequently you'd like to do so. This form of offering means you don't have to worry about bringing your checkbook or cash offering to church, because you've already decided on what you're giving each month. It provides YOU the freedom to give freely and regularly to the church, and also provide THE CHURCH with a steady source of offerings throughout the year.

You can register for Simply Giving TWO DIFFERENT WAYS:
* Complete a Simply Giving application form (located on one of the smaller tables in the Gathering Area) and turn into Barb Vadnais (our Financial Secretary)
* Go on our website ( , click on GIVING, and designated how much you'd like to give and the frequency. Of course, another electronic giving option would be to simply set up an automatic draft from your checking account under your financial institutions BILL PAY. This would generate a check made payable to Shepherd of the Hill Lutheran Church, and mailed directly to us at 207 University St., Elk Mound, WI 54739.


See our website ( ) look for GIVING on the left of Home page. A growing number of us don't carry checkbooks and/or pay most of our bills online. Online giving is an option available for us to joyfully and intentionally make financial offerings to God's work here at Shepherd of the Hill. GIVE+ Now you can set up and manage your own online giving account for your offerings to our church. You can STILL go through Barb Vadnais our Financial Secretary to make adjustments or join Simply Giving. GIVE+ INSTRUCTIONS>
* Go to our church website at
* Click on the GIVING tab on the left
* From there you can create a "Give +" account (email account and an 8 character sure to keep track of your password)
* You will get an email from Vanco to 'verify' your email address
* Once you've done that, go back to the church website, log in to Give+.and get started
* "Select Fund" (currently General Operating is the only option)
* "Select Frequency" you want to donate (one-time, weekly, etc.)
* Identify the giving "Amount" (no .00 required at the end of the dollar amount)
* Click "Next" at bottom of that screen, to select a start date and add information about source of payment (At this time it is only from a checking or savings account)

Once you've completed the setup, be sure to go to the top left of the screen to see the drop down menu...and LOGOFF. What you'll also see on this drop down menu, are option you have for seeing your giving history, adjusting your source of payment and more!

Please let one of your staff or council members know if you'd like to see other "Funds" available to donate to, and/or if you'd like an option to give via Credit or Debit. (There is an additional cost for these options, and giver is given the option to help cover those costs.)

You can still fill out the hard copy paper Simply Giving form for electronic giving and pass that on to Barb Vadnais, our Financial Secretary. What Thrivent's Give+ does, is allow you to have more control over your giving. All online giving users are welcome to place an "I'm giving electronically" laminated card in the offering basket. These are located by the Communion Cards in the Gathering Area.

2018 CHURCH COUNCIL MEMBERS, Committee/Officer
Greg Kinblom: President
Sandy Barth, Vice-President
Linda Dempski, Secretary
Linda O'Mara, Treasurer
Heidi Schiszik , Youth and Education Committee
Keith Lee, Youth and Education Committee, Evangelism and Stewardship
Betty Heltne, Social Concerns Committee
Rita Lee, Worship Committee
Linda Eder: Worship
Holly Sweeney, Social Concerns
Dale Adams, Property Committee
Ken Millermon, Property Committee


Get the word out...Tuesday FP will be open from 4-6pm instead of 10am-Noon. To help with the transition, we will be having the FP open BOTH times on Tuesday's during the month of June. Friday's we will still be open from 10-Noon.

See Calendar for further announcements

Last updated: November 3rd, 2018