COMMUNITY MEAL 6pm Tuesday, October 23rd at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. These monthly meals are open to anyone, and are potluck meals. A freewill offering is taken for the Elk Mound Food Pantry.

GRIEF AND THE HOLIDAYS Thursday, October 25th 10:30am to Noon at The Healing Place, 2125 Heights Drive, 1st Floor of the Professional Plaza Building, Eau Claire. The event will provide tips for dealing with the holidays when grieving the loss of a loved one. For complete listing of ongoing grief and loss support groups and metting times visit:

Stay on top of events going on around the Northwest Synod of WI-ELCA by checking out the website or going to their Facebook page. This includes all the delicious fall meals being shared at local churches. YUM!


3-year old through Kindergarten Students will continue their lessons from The Beginner's Bible. Our teachers this year are Kris Jenson, Morgan Kinblom and Issie Hollister .

1st through 6th Students will be learning about the promise/covenant God made with some of our earliest faith ancestors: Abraham and Sarah, their son Isaac, and Moses' call to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. 1st-2nd Gr. Teacher: Brad Zillmer; 3rd-4th Gr. Carol Carlstrom/Kayla Ruppelt; 5th-6th Gr. Teresa Wadell/Sandy Barth.

7th-12th Graders and Adult Class gather in the sanctuary at 9am on Sundays to talk about and learn more about the key Bible readings for the day. Come join in the conversation.

Women's Bible Study...on Wednesday, October 24th at

7th and 8th Grade Confirmation (snacks 3:20-3:30 class until 4:30pm) All students of this age are welcome to join us as we walk through the Bible together. Don't forget that our Class and Snack schedule, as well as the Acolyte schedule is online on the Education tab. There are still Acolyte dates open for volunteers.


GODSTOCK "Ignite" Nov. 9-11th (High School only) Come and join hundreds of high schoolers from all around our region who will spend the weekend at Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire for fun activities, hear a great band and the keynote much more. SIGN UP by OCTOBER 19th, by contacting

1) BY OCTOBER 19th, let Pastor Mary (715-308-0652), Keith Lee (715-829-4480) or Jason Laumeyer (Logan Smith's step-dad, 715-702-1782) ) know you want to go.
2) Each participant pays $25 towards the cost of the weekend, which is a REALLY great deal...since the event cost $85/person PLUS hotel and Saturday's dinner. (The balance of expenses will be paid from the Youth Ministry/Luther League account.) What do you get for your $25? T-shirt, weekend of fun, breakfasts, evening snack, Chaos and Action City and Trampoline park passes, speaker, band, (Please make checks can be made payable to Shepherd of the Hill (Memo Note: Godstock)
3) Complete and turn in a Health and Release form
4) Have your parent go to and complete the liability waiver so you can access the fun at Action City. NOTE: The trampoline park requires special trampoline socks which can be purchased for $2. Kids may bring their own if they want


NOISY OFFERING for LWR QUILTS AND KITS...October 21st Bring your coins a help us reach across oceans and land to touch the lives of those in need! Our children will be collecting your donations during the Children's Message time in worship.

MATCH CHALLENGE FOR THE COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY: This year, a Match Challenge will be held for six weeks beginning September 19, ending October 31. This year we hope to raise up to $5,000 for our Elk Mound Community Food Pantry located. While the pantry is located is supported by community churches, organizations, businesses and individuals.
The Match Challenge is offered by Feed My People (FMP) Food Bank, and the plan allows us to earn $1 of food credit for every dollar raised. We purchase food from FMP Food Bank throughout the year to stock foods to supplement generous community food donations. Please write checks out to: Shepherd of the Hill Lutheran Church, and note: Food Pantry Match Challenge on the memo line. Thank you for your generosity! The Elk Mound Community Food Pantry is open Tuesdays 4-6 PM and Fridays 10 AM-12 PM.

RUBY'S PANTRY is on the 2nd Saturday of each month, and open to people of all income levels. This is food that would go to waste (and landfills) if it wasn't distributed. Any food left over is donated to our food pantry and other non-profit groups that can use the items. You can register 2 different ways:
1) Go online to to register by 3pm the Friday before,and make your $21 donation for the food and other items THEN select the time you will come in

2) Or, you can come in the morning of the distribution to register and make a $20 CASH donation. In person registration begins at 7:30am
Don't forget to bring boxes, laundry baskets or sturdy bags to collect all the great food, drink or paper products. Why note volunteer your time to help...we are always looking for help and it's a great way to get volunteer hours for organizations and for scholarship applications!

GIVING BACK TO GOD with our Time, Talents and Treasures
SHARE YOUR TIME & TALENTS by signing up to assist in worship: lector/read, communion assistant, acolyte, deliver offering to the bank. All these signup sheets are in the Gathering Area...look for the table with all the clipboards

SHARE SEWING SKILLS (even the most basic) by helping with 2 important QUILT PROJECTS

* 1st Wednesday of the month, Luther World Relief and other quilts * Saturday, October 27th, 9am to ?? Graduating Senior quilts


9:00am, Wed., Oct. 10th Women of the ELCA meeting

12:00pm, Wed., Oct. 11th Big Elk Creek Lutheran Church Harvest Luncheon. The event will also include the program (A free will offering will be taken) RSVP to Virginia Ives @ 715-874-6236 by October 7th.

1pm, Wed., Oct. 25th, 1pm Women's Bible Study led by Pastor Mary on the Gather magazine Bible study in a continuation of the 3-month Bible study series on Repentance. This month's study is entitled "If I could turn back time: Turning to others"


Wanting to keep you informed with where we stand financially and update you on a change in our bookkeeper position. Let's start with our NEW BOOKKEEPER, Kim Studinger, is a finance/human resource manager with over 15 years of experience in non-profit bookkeeping and payroll. She has a strong commitment to accuracy in financial data entry and financial recordkeeping. We are excited to have Kim on board with us.

As you read in your mid-year giving letter, our congregation is experiencing a serious giving gap this year...going beyond just a summer slump. One small step we've taken is publishing the giving for each week in the bulletin, as well as listing the amount necessary to meet the budgeted expenses of the year. NOTE: This amount does NOT account for the deficit incurred but identifies the amount we agreed to support as a congregation at our annual meeting.

Wanted to share the final totals with you in the newsletter, so this information is seen by more than just those who were in church this past month. You'll notice that the giving is broke down into Sunday Offering AND Simply Giving. This latter amount reports the amount that comes in each month, because members have chosen to designate offerings that come electronically to the church account...even if they are unable to attend church. This is an option you can utilize to help ensure a regular amount of income is received to help with our regular expenses. It's a way to practice 'first fruits giving'...a practice of intentionally and prayerfully putting aside a portion our income for God's work.

SEPTEMBER GIVING: $11,627.93 (Sunday Offerings $9,528.93 + Simply Giving $2,099)

NEEDED to cover Budget: $11,580

Looking for a way to continue supporting God's Work? What about using ...Simply Giving, an electronic giving option for giving to the church. It allows you to designate the amount you'd like to give to God's ministry at Shepherd of the Hill, and how frequently you'd like to do so. This form of offering means you don't have to worry about bringing your checkbook or cash offering to church, because you've already decided on what you're giving each month. It provides YOU the freedom to give freely and regularly to the church, and also provide THE CHURCH with a steady source of offerings throughout the year.

You can register for Simply Giving TWO DIFFERENT WAYS:
* Complete a Simply Giving application form (located on one of the smaller tables in the Gathering Area) and turn into Barb Vadnais (our Financial Secretary)
* Go on our website ( , click on GIVING, and designated how much you'd like to give and the frequency. Of course, another electronic giving option would be to simply set up an automatic draft from your checking account under your financial institutions BILL PAY. This would generate a check made payable to Shepherd of the Hill Lutheran Church, and mailed directly to us at 207 University St., Elk Mound, WI 54739.


See our website ( ) look for GIVING on the left of Home page. A growing number of us don't carry checkbooks and/or pay most of our bills online. Online giving is an option available for us to joyfully and intentionally make financial offerings to God's work here at Shepherd of the Hill. GIVE+ Now you can set up and manage your own online giving account for your offerings to our church. You can STILL go through Barb Vadnais our Financial Secretary to make adjustments or join Simply Giving. GIVE+ INSTRUCTIONS>
* Go to our church website at
* Click on the GIVING tab on the left
* From there you can create a "Give +" account (email account and an 8 character sure to keep track of your password)
* You will get an email from Vanco to 'verify' your email address
* Once you've done that, go back to the church website, log in to Give+.and get started
* "Select Fund" (currently General Operating is the only option)
* "Select Frequency" you want to donate (one-time, weekly, etc.)
* Identify the giving "Amount" (no .00 required at the end of the dollar amount)
* Click "Next" at bottom of that screen, to select a start date and add information about source of payment (At this time it is only from a checking or savings account)

Once you've completed the setup, be sure to go to the top left of the screen to see the drop down menu...and LOGOFF. What you'll also see on this drop down menu, are option you have for seeing your giving history, adjusting your source of payment and more!

Please let one of your staff or council members know if you'd like to see other "Funds" available to donate to, and/or if you'd like an option to give via Credit or Debit. (There is an additional cost for these options, and giver is given the option to help cover those costs.)

You can still fill out the hard copy paper Simply Giving form for electronic giving and pass that on to Barb Vadnais, our Financial Secretary. What Thrivent's Give+ does, is allow you to have more control over your giving. All online giving users are welcome to place an "I'm giving electronically" laminated card in the offering basket. These are located by the Communion Cards in the Gathering Area.

2018 CHURCH COUNCIL MEMBERS, Committee/Officer
Greg Kinblom: President
Sandy Barth, Vice-President
Linda Dempski, Secretary
Linda O'Mara, Treasurer
Heidi Schiszik , Youth and Education Committee
Keith Lee, Youth and Education Committee, Evangelism and Stewardship
Betty Heltne, Social Concerns Committee
Rita Lee, Worship Committee
Linda Eder: Worship
Holly Sweeney, Social Concerns
Dale Adams, Property Committee
Ken Millermon, Property Committee


Get the word out...Tuesday FP will be open from 4-6pm instead of 10am-Noon. To help with the transition, we will be having the FP open BOTH times on Tuesday's during the month of June. Friday's we will still be open from 10-Noon.

See Calendar for further announcements

Last updated: October 15th, 2018